his program is designed for committed riders of the classical English style, who would relish the opportunity to join our exclusive horse safari operation as a back up guide and groom for our safaris. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Tessa Baber: tessa@waterberg.net

You will be requested to fill in an application form and send us pictures of you riding in a pace faster then walk. Please note, that places are often filled up to 18 months in advance so please plan ahead


You have to be an experienced and excellent rider as well as being able to help with the training of horses! Only English style or classical riders will be accepted. Our weight limit for students is 80kgs. You are expected to be generally fit, as well as riding fit, as days can be long. A minimum of 8 years continued riding is required and a minimum age of 21 years old. We expect you to be riding every day for six months prior to arrival in preparation for your stay with us; your riding ability is of the utmost importance and will be assessed before you are allowed to accompany any safari. We will prevent you from riding as back up if we do not feel that your abilities are sufficient, though obviously we are very reluctant to be in this position.

Our safari is multinational and the ability to speak other European languages is useful, though not required.

Getting there
We have one exception!