t has taken us 18 years to select a string of almost 90 horses which are fit, responsive and reliable and also totally adapted to the African environment. The horses range from big strong forward going thoroughbreds, tough African Boerperd, and exciting Frisian crossbreeds. We take great care in matching the rider’s ability and confidence to their preference in type of their mount. Rides vary in pace and duration according to our guests desires and ability. Our selection of reliable children’s ponies enable the experience of incredible game viewing to be shared by all. For absolute beginners our steady horses help develop confidence and ability, and for non riders a host of different activities are on offer.

Weight limit: Our weight limit is 120 kg (19 stone)

Tack and equipment: The saddles we use are McLellan saddles, made locally and which are based on the famous old US cavalry saddles, designed for the comfort of both horse and rider alike. We do also have a few English saddles available. No client will be allowed to ride with us unless they are wearing a hat so we stock a selection of sizes. We do, however, recommend that you bring your own well-fitted helmet if you plan to spend many hours riding. Wide brimmed hat covers are advisable. In order to be covered by both your own and our insurers the wearing of riding helmets is compulsory.

We also recommend neutral clothing for riding as well as comfortable riding boots and long trousers.